Industries Served


Concrete coating systems have become more and more popular in today’s commercial environments because of their durability and the increasing variety and availability of different system types. With concrete coatings, clients enjoy the ease of cleaning associated with non-porous surfaces and the absence of grout lines, while still achieving looks and textures that are not available with other materials. Popular commercial applications now include seamless quartz or vinyl chip systems, multi-colored and patterned acrylic cement coating systems, granite terrazzo systems, and concrete acid stain systems. On request, client logos can easily integrated into any one of these. Drawing on years of experience, extensive training and the vast imagination common to artists and technicians, Cipriano Coating's Technology sales consultants design a custom flooring system that works perfectly for you.


Most industrial manufacturing facilities require the kind of floor protection provided by our coating systems. We offer a variety of options to fit your needs, regardless of the condition of your existing concrete. Among more common industrial applications are standard 20-mil systems, 60-mil self leveling slurry systems, and quarter-inch epoxy mortar systems. Once you have made your selection, we suggest that you color-coordinate specific areas of your factory or office to give your facility a state-of-the art look that will astound your clientele while providing you the proper floor protection.

Cipriano Coating's Technology turn-key focus ensures that we respect our clients’ hours of operation. Customer manufacturing hours are uninterrupted because we schedule installations on weekends and during other normal shut-down times. Plant downtime is held to a minimum and your company’s deadlines are not compromised.


Many institutions specify resinous floorings as the system of choice. The advantages of using a resinous floor are extensive. Resins provide unlimited design and color options. They have low maintenance requirements, superior durability, and they are seamless – which means no grout lines to harbor bacteria. Resinous flooring systems are cost effective and they offer safe, slip resistant surfaces.

In some educational settings, primary and secondary containment become critical issues. Cipriano Coating's Technology has years of experience at installing resinous systems that utilize a seamless integral cove base, thus insuring caustic and/or harsh chemical containment within specific locations. When your next project is placed out for bid, Cipriano Concrete Technology will help you set guidelines and specifications, ensuring that bid responses respect the particular demands of your situation.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage processing and packaging plants, bakeries, restaurants and commercial kitchens all require flooring applications that provide a rugged and durable surface that can withstand severe conditions and also protect against bacterial growth and odors. Important advantages when installing one of our systems include; low odor and fast-curing options for quick return to service, resistant to thermal shock, seamless with integral cove options, a floor that’s easy to clean and maintain, slip resistant, antimicrobial coatings and USDA and FDA compliant.  Our system will improve the safety, productivity and functionality of your facility. 


In the past, homeowners only thought of applying epoxy coatings to their garage floors.Today, decorative concrete has expanded the possibilities for residential concrete flooring to almost every area of the home.  Interior concrete floors have a distinct appeal and not only offer a wide range of options, they are also very durable and easy to care for.  Colored, stained and polished concrete allows homeowners to choose from an endless variety of colors and patterns – gone are the days of gray, dull and dusty concrete.  The design specialists at Cipriano Coating's Technology can help you achieve a truly unique floor finish that will serve you for years to come. Concrete is also an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.  Interior floor finishes include; kitchens and bathrooms, living rooms or great rooms, studios, loft space, game rooms and basement floors.  With the expansion of outdoor cooking and living spaces, decorative concrete adds instant appeal to these popular areas.  In addition to garage floors, exterior applications work well on porches, patios, walkways and pool decks. The team at Cipriano Coatings is pleased to offer our supreme customer service and expertise to residential clients.


Areas and warehouses designed to house aerospace technology require smart flooring solutions. These facilities will require floors that stand up to heavy machinery and resist numerous chemicals. Our systems will provide you will a seamless and extremely durable floor that is necessary for all aspects of aerospace housing.


From the assembly line to the showroom floor, automotive facilities must be equipped with flooring systems that can handle the unique demands of the automotive industry. In order to withstand the wear and tear of servicing motor vehicles, a unique and durable flooring solution is required. Epoxy flooring systems and other resinous coatings are multi-layered flooring systems installed as liquids for a smooth, nearly seamless surface. They are tough, strong and durable, and in many cases, can even be used to resurface and restore badly deteriorated concrete surfaces. From hardworking floors for production areas and traffic aisles to  conductive floors for high tech test labs and automated assembly, we cover it all.

General Manufacturing

Many general manufacturing facilities require corrosion-control coating & lining protection. In fact, Corrosion-control coatings and linings are required in nearly every area of industry throughout the world. Cipriano Coatings Technology installs systems that have been designed to provide superior corrosion-control protection for multiple industrial applications. From high-performance vinyl ester floor coatings and toppings, to reinforced lining systems and containment coating systems, Cipriano Coatings has you covered.


Hospitals and healthcare institutions require floor and wall solutions that are durable, long-lasting, functional and aesthetically-pleasing. These floors and walls must not only be hygienic and sanitary, they must also stand up to the rigors of around-the-clock hospital operations.

Cipriano Coatings Technology offer systems that have been specifically developed to provide a safe, long-lasting, durable and aesthetically-pleasing foundation for your hospital or healthcare operation.

From high-performance antimicrobial coating and mortar systems to ergonomic, static-control and decorative systems, we got you covered. Whether you are an independent healthcare institution, medical lab or large-scale community hospital, we have the right floor and wall solution to meet and exceed your unique requirements.


Retail areas require flooring solutions that are reliable and can stand up to the rigors of around-the-clock guest and customer traffic.

Cipriano Coatings offers a line of high-performance floor systems have been specifically developed to provide a safe, long-lasting and durable foundation for your retail and service operation.

These systems have been formulated to withstand even the highest degree of foot traffic and machine traffic. From moderate-duty, chemical-resistant and fast-cure systems to extreme-wearing, thermal shock-resistant and flexible systems, these floors can take a beating while continuing to perform for years to come.