Basic Epoxy

Cipriano Coating Technology’s epoxy floor coatings are high performance epoxy systems that have been designed to provide a high gloss, semi-gloss or stipple finish with better chemical resistant protection. Our various epoxy options offer protection against splash and spillage of many process chemicals, caustic cleaners, oils, fuels and acids. Epoxy floor coatings provide attractive finishes and should be used wherever a high-build, protective coating is specified. Epoxy coatings are applied in warehouses, industrial plants and various commercial facilities because of their chemical and abrasion resistant properties, ability to hide imperfections and they meet or exceed USDA, FDA and OSHA inspection requirements. Cipriano Coating Technology offers robust epoxy flooring products designed to meet the most stringent demands of various industries.

Electrostatic Disipating

Manufacturing, assembly, medical and aerospace facilities must adhere to strict ESD Control programs that allow for complete integration into the ESD prevention system. CCT complies with ESD related specifications to ensure that your facility floor is fully compliant and protected against electrostatic discharge. Our ESD coatings offer a durable finish that provides low-odor electrostatic control, resists abrasion, staining and major chemical spills and is also available in epoxy, polyurethane and chemical-resistant coatings.

Epoxy Mortar Resurfacer

Epoxy Mortar Flooring Systems are ideal for settings that call for an industrial grade floor or where a damaged concrete floor requires restoration. This dense, seamless coating for concrete flooring is easy to clean, skid-resistant and results in attractive epoxy floors. Epoxy Mortar is a protective concrete resurfacing material that is available in a wide range of colors; it resists stains and chemicals and is easy to maintain making it the ultimate in strength and durability. This system is ideally used for heavy industry warehouses, meat and poultry plants, loading docks and transportation and automotive facilities.

Extreme Abrasion

Cipriano Coatings offers systems that deliver an extremely hard, long-wearing surface that adds the ultimate degree of wear and abrasion resistance to standard urethane coatings while maintaining a light-reflective,  aesthetically-pleasing finish profile. With our extreme abrasion systems you can achieve consistent, repeatable surface profile textures, while maintaining the highest protection.

Flake & Quartz

Either trowel applied or broadcasted, our Seamless Quartz systems are a colorful resurfacer designed to be a decorative and protective overlay for concrete surfaces.  They combine the beauty of decorative, colored quartz aggregate with our hard wearing flooring technology.  Not only do they enhance the look of the surrounding environment, they offer resistance against wear, abrasion and many chemicals. Seamless Quartz systems are well suited for schools, offices, locker rooms and laboratories.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy flooring provides a unique combination of beauty and durability.  We offer a wide range of decorative pigments and broadcast media.  Choose from multi-colored aggregates and metallic epoxy pigments to achieve a custom floor system.

We understand what it takes to develop a decorative epoxy flooring solution for you.  Each floor is custom-specified, manufactured and installed based on your desired performance criteria.

Cipriano Coatings Technology will work closely with you to install decorative epoxy flooring that meet your requirements throughout your facility.

Polished Concrete

Concrete Polishing is a comprehensive process that strengthens and rejuvenates concrete floors. Whether you have an old or new concrete floor, our system delivers a patented means to permanently strengthen your existing floor. Through the combination of diamond grinding and polishing, we are able to deliver a highly abrasion resistant and dust proof floor with the added benefit of increased impact resistance and high light reflectivity. We also help your project qualify for LEED certification. Our method results in a beautiful, durable and extremely low-maintenance surface that is non-toxic and environmentally sound.

Stained Concrete

Concrete stain does more than simply add color. Rather than produce a solid, opaque effect like paint or colored coatings, stains permeate the concrete to infuse it with rich, deep, translucent tones.  It is important to keep in mind even when treated with the same staining product in the same shade, no two concrete floors, walls, or countertops will look alike due to factors such as the composition and age of the concrete, surface porosity, texture, and environmental conditions. It's this variability that gives stained concrete its broad appeal and permits an infinite array of special effects.

Urethane Concrete

Our High-Wear Urethane is the ideal coating for any area that must withstand large amounts of traffic and use.  It is extremely durable and can hold up to tough treatment on a daily basis.  Our applications provide excellent protection and attractive coatings for high traffic floors that are wear resistant, make floors easier to clean and prevent concrete dusting.  Coatings can be textured or smooth and come in a wide range of colors.